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Your home is one of the most significant and precious assets that you own. Grandview Home Improvements is committed to protecting and beautifying your asset by providing architecturally designed changes to make your home look outstanding.

We offer a wide range of expert services, top quality workmanship and durable materials to provide you with the best job in town. Every project we take on gets a level of commitment that is second to none. Providing a responsive and professional home improvement service, we are not only dedicated to meet your expectations but also to exceed them. All our services come with ten years workmanship guarantees.

The technology we implement, TEXTURE-CLAD, is used to insulate existing as well as new buildings in order to provide optimal thermal comfort, durability and superior presentation of the finished surface.

Benefits of TEXTURE-CLAD

  • » Energy saving - highly efficient thermal and acoustic insulation
  • » Greatly reduces external noises
  • » Environment protection – reduction of greenhouse effect, reduced CO2 emissions
  • » Cost effectiveness – reduction of power consumption resulting in lower costs for heating and cooling
  • » Attractive look - greatly increases value of your home
  • » Extensive architectural possibilities
  • » Does not interrupt your living during renovation
  • » Modern cement rendered finish to suit all tastes
  • » Low maintenance
  • » Full range of colours


Grandview’s products are European technology adjusted to Australian weather conditions. Thermal insulation means lower electricity bills in winter for heating and in summer for air conditioning.

This one-time investment enables you to save your money every summer and winter over the whole lifespan of the building.

Grandview’s new approach to architectural design uses European know-how with an Australian flair.

The teams at Grandview Home Improvements focus on making your property aesthetically pleasing as well as energy efficient.

TEXTURE-CLAD is the cost effective way to modernize your home. The substantial improvement in the appearance of your home will be the envy of your neighbours. The technology we implement is used to insulate existing as well as new buildings or apartments in order to provide optimal thermal comfort, durability and a rendered finish look which is superior in every way.

Environmental impact: reduction of carbon footprint. Households will use less energy which will reduce CO2 emissions thereby helping to protect the environment.

What makes us stand out from the rest?

A combination of experience, innovation of product, product knowledge, design flair and personal attention to the needs of the individual client.